Masternode Collateral For BiFrost Now 10,000

[ANN] Update On BiFrost Masternode Collateral And More.


BiFrost Masternode Collateral Is Now 10,000 FROST”!!


  1. The Masternode Collateral Enforcement Spork has been activated.
  2. This means that all Masternodes with the old collateral level of 5,000 coins are no longer valid on the new Blockchain.
  3. Total enabled Masternodes have dropped from 525 to 351.
  4. We have successfully moved from the transition phase of the fork to the Super-Rewards level.
  5. Rewards are now 100 Frost/block for approximately the next week.
  6. We have also received notification that deposits and withdrawals have been opened on Cryptopia,.
  7. Trading will then re-open as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience and support throughout this complex upgrade process, and enjoy your enhanced rewards!



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