Bifrost Coin (FROST) – “A New PoS/Masternode Cryptocurrency”

Bifrost combines next generation Masternode with Proof of Stake technology to provide new services while rewarding those who support the network

While existing solutions offer slow transfer speeds and high fees, Bifrost offers instant and completely anonymous transfers; making us a true currency instead of a simple value store.

In Norse mythology, Bifrösst is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (Earth) and Asgard, the realm of the gods.


The Bifrost Advantage

Become an early adopter, and make a big impact as we grow!

Rewards Structure

New coin rewards automatically paid to the people who help provide services to the



Features the Market Needs

Low fees, fast transfers, and anonymization…three features critial to a coin’s adoption as a day-to-day currency



Bifrost Coin Specifications

The Bifrost network has been designed with a fast block time and a high rewards structure to give back to the people who support the network the most.

Coin Name

  • Bifrost (FROST)

Maximum Coin Supply

  • 66,318,600 FROST


  • 1.13%

Masternode Collateral Amount

  • 5,000 FROST

Block Time

  • 60 Seconds

Blocks per Day

  • 1,440

Rewards per Block

  • 50 FROST, reducing every year

Rewards Distribution

  • Masternodes: 80%, PoS: 20%   

FROST Paid per Day

  • 72,000
  • Bifrost already supports the major computer platforms and operating systems, but it will contrinue to expand to include the following mobile and web/light platforms:

    • Android
    • Web Wallet
    • Electrum-style Light Wallet
    • Raspberry Pi

    What makes Bifrost different?

    Bifrost leverages masternode technology, a special layer of server software running on the network, to coordinate blockchain activity and provide extra services like instant and anonymized transfers.

    Where can I get more information about Bifrost?

    Bifrost maintains a growing community on the Discord chat platform.

    You can join for free to participate in discussions, hear the latest news, and get answers directly from Bifrost staff members.

    You are invited to join us on the following platforms:

    Join our Discord Channel:

    Join our Telegram community:

    Visit our Twitter Page:  @BifrostCoin 

    See Our Website:

    FROST Traded on the  CryptoBridge Exchange

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A new PoS/Masternode cryptocurrency. Providing fast, secure technology to bridge the gap in cryptocurrency transactions. Bifrost combines next generation Masternodes with Proof of Stake technology to provide new services while rewarding those who support the network.