[ANN] IMPORTANT BiFrost Wallet Update – Mandatory

BiFrost-actual released this 5 hours ago:

Wallet Update Available – BiFrost Core version v1.2.1 is now available from:


This is a MANDATORY release! Version 1.2.1 corrects a critical consensus bug that caused staking wallets to crash and stalled the network.

Again, This is a mandatory update that forks the network to the 70713 protocol

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at


CryptoBridge has been notified of the update, and as soon as they upgrade, we have requested that FROST deposits/withdrawals be opened back up.

We will make an announcement here as soon as that happens.

Note – Masternode upgrade scripts and instructions (single and nodemaster installs) are included in this release.


This is the current version of BiFrost.

If you are running versions prior to v1.2.1, please upgrade ASAP.



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