[ANN] 8/27/19 SWYFT Network Update

Important SWYFT Coin Swap Update:

SWYFT has identified an issue on the chain splitting which needs to be rectified.

Further, it is imperative that we go through an Audit requirement for the new chain mandated by the exchange .

Therefore, the swap will be delayed by one week, now being conducted from the 9th of September.

It is in our best interest to have the audit done by an impartial, third party firm.

Certik Connect, based on Bitmart contacts, will be charged with conducting the audit.

This audit will add yet another level of assurance that we are secure and compliant to drive a message consistent with our vision.

Please be aware that further announcements regarding the fix to our current chain will be coming in short order.

IMPORTANT, please do not move coins to and from exchanges because they may be lost forever! There is no way of recovering them.

Further updates will be upcoming shortly!

Best Regards,

Swyft Dev

Thanks to everyone for your continued support of SWYFT!!!!